About Celina

By Christopher Allende

Celina del Castillo was born in Berlin, Germany and has had a life of travels that brought her from the ever historical Germany, to Colombia, and then later to the United States.  Currently she resides in rural Maine where she works to refine her craft and spread a message that fuses natural world images with a stylized view that accentuates an inner beauty held within each image.

While living in the U.S. she continued to push her artistic understanding further by studying and then achieving a degree in Web Design and Multimedia.  Given the fresh new technological understanding she was able to take the tools of this new generation and produce works worthy of recognition. It is with this keen eye for found beauty and new understanding that propelled Celina to achieving the2012 GD Magazine American Package Design Award, and then later the 2013 GD Magazine American Web Design Award.

In this same inspirational time frame her artistic endeavors garnered even more attention as she had many projects displayed in New York City’s Times Square as part of the 2012 “Art for Times Square” design initiative. This was followed up in 2013 where her photography was on display at the EXPOSURE exhibition in Long Island City, New York.

All these laurels and fantastic growth was not accomplished alone, but enhanced by her care and devotion to her two children.  Drawing inspiration and drive from family, she gathers momentum to carry her passion forward.

Art Takes Time Square Event, 2012